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Motivational Web Series in India

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In the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic and eventual lockdowns, most of the world found it difficult to find inspiration and motivation to even go about their most basic routine. OTT platforms came along like a beacon of hope for many to seek new ways of entertaining themselves and also at times motivating themselves. 

Motivational Web Series in India

In the past couple of years many motivational web series have made it big through OTTs and here is a list of the absolute best of them:

Scam 1992 (2020)  

IMDB Rating 9.5

A Bollywood take of the harshest reality of the 1992 Share Market scam is the centre of this amazing work. This acted as a most essential medication that ensures you live your life with morality and ethics. 

Easy money may sound appealing, but it is not since it leads to a life of self-destruction. This is the show’s primary theme. Revisiting the 90s is also one of the reasons why many people loved the show so much.

Kota Factory (2020)

IMDB Rating 9.0

A masterpiece when it comes to a true depiction of an IIT aspirant, the story revolves around the struggles and hopes and the turbulence in the life of IIT aspirants. The story entails the life of students who leave their homes and for IIT-JEE preparation in Kota, Rajasthan.

Aspirants (2021)

IMDB Rating 9.0

One of the best web series of 2021 that is available on YouTube, Aspirants follows the life of UPSC aspirants who struggle to realize their dream of finally cracking UPSC exams. Taking care of the finest details, the show was a true-to-life depiction of a relatable character who prepare to become an IAS officer.

TVF Pitchers (2021)

IMDB Rating 9.2

Along with Kota Factory and Aspirants, TVF Pitchers is another popular web series that is presented by TVF and revolves around four friends. After quitting their jobs to fulfill their long awaiting dream of starting their own start-up company the show depicts the hurdles that people suffer for realizing their dream.


IMDB Rating 8.7

Another creation of The Viral Fever (TVF) creation, Panchayat is the narrative of an engineer who accepts the position of Panchayat secretary in a distant U.P. hamlet. This comedy-drama series follows Abhishek, who accepts this job owing to the absence of possibilities.

Selection Day

IMDB Rating 7.4

A sports drama that has come to life with Selection Day tells the tale of childhood, demanding parents, dreams, and struggles of life. Selection Day is a grilling Bollywood template tale that successfully motivates someone in a similar struggle.


IMDB Rating 8.3

TVF had had one of the most fruitful times during the past couple of years in terms of the most content and many fruitful web series during the time. Cubicles revolve around a newly recruited guy in an IT firm who goes through the ups and downs of life from inside his office cubicle.

Masaba Masaba

IMDB Rating 6.8

A real-life account of Masaba Gupta the story of this web series follows the challenges and struggles of Masaba in a humorous take. A truly inspiring tale of getting on top despite adversities is the theme of this popular motivational web series.

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