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Chip & Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

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The “Make in India” drive has literally driven the Indian market in the past few years and significantly contributed to the self-sustaining market that we have right now. With the increased usage of electronic gadgets, India’s need for Chips and semiconductors has skyrocketed. And hence has heralded the expansion of chip and semiconductor manufacturers in India. 

Chip & Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies in India

From smartphones to their accessories, Televisions to laptops to e – scooters, India is at the forefront of growth, and all of them rely on chips and semiconductors. This is why several entrepreneurs and corporations have joined the chip and semiconductor industry in order to better serve this sector.

Here are some of the manufacturing companies that have been able to make a significant change of face in the Chip & Semiconductor manufacturing sector in India.

Bharat Electronics Limited

Bharat Electronics established in 1954, is a Government-backed corporation that manufactures cutting-edge electronic products including chips & semiconductors for the airlines & automotive sector. 

They have worked extensively in the field of semiconductors and have made significant contributions to semiconductor and chips development. It is now the country’s leading semiconductor maker.

Continental Device India Ltd

When it comes to Chip & Semiconductor manufacture Continental Device India Ltd (CDIL) has had an unmatched reputation in India as well as the global market. They are widely considered as the pioneer of the manufacture of Semiconductor Chips and Devices in India. 

CDIL, which was founded in 1964, has achieved significant advances in semiconductor production. The corporation now has enormous capabilities in semiconductor manufacture. 

Applied Materials

Found in the US in the late 1960s Applied Materials is a renowned name as a semiconductor manufacturing company. With the support of its Indian subsidiary, Applied Materials, has been a vital factor in the growth of the chip and semiconductor sector in India. Headquartered in Bangalore, the corporation was able to create cutting-edge technologies for producing the units. 


The Taiwan-based TSMC operates out of Bangalore in India and is one of the biggest names in Chip & Semiconductor manufacturers. Not just in India the brand has established strong ties with the US and other major countries and boasts of an ensemble clientele including heavyweights like APPLE Inc. 

Micron Technology

Based in Bangalore Micron Technology came into existence in the year 1978 and since then has been one of the most trusted names in the memory chip and semiconductor manufacturing sector. The firm focuses on memory chip manufacturing. Micron Technology manufactures memory chips using DRAM innovation. This technique is used to create high-density memory chips.

Solex Energy

Solex, which was established in 1998, has actually delivered numerous large projects for memory chips and semiconductors in a variety of industries. As a reputable manufacturer, their offerings such as semiconductor and electronic systems are in demand not just in the booming Indian market but also globally.

Masamb Electronics

Found in the year 2007, Masamb Electronics has risen in the ranks as one of the major players in the manufacturing of world-class and reliable chips and semiconductors. The brand focuses on VSLI design, RTL design, EDA, and OEM design.

Semtronics Micro Systems

As an Indian conglomerate, Semtronics Micro Systems have been at the forefront of providing solutions for a variety of electronics sectors. Most suited for the Indian market, Semtronics Micro Systems also offers solutions such as analog circuits, sequencers, switching regulators including high-quality chips and semiconductors.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung does not need any special introduction as perhaps the world’s best chip ad semiconductors manufacturer, in India, operates out of Bangalore. Known for their innovations and latest advancements they are renowned for their semiconductors for smartphones and other electronics.

Broadcom Corporation

Known for developing solutions for broadband and telecom industries, Broadcom Corporation was established in 1991 in the US. Operating in India, out of Bangalore they offer a wide range of chip and semiconductor solution in Indian market along with the International market.

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