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Top Horror Place in India – Top Haunted Places in India 

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For ages, the desire to learn deeper about the mysterious has driven individuals to journey to the edge of the earth. Although some people get a buzz from discovering eerie areas, others opt to avoid them. India, the country of unknown legends, has its own set of scary locations. Go through the following list of top haunted places in India to see if you’re brave enough to go exploring or scared enough to stay away.

Top Horror Place in India - Top Haunted Places in India 

Top Haunted Places in India

Rajasthan’s Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara, commonly called the “Ghost Village of Rajasthan,” is among India’s most ghostly locations. This desolate village makes you depressed, and you question what the impoverished residents of the hamlet went through to choose to evacuate their dwellings abruptly, together with folks from 84 neighboring communities.

Delhi Cantonment

The same is probably amongst the more gorgeous sites in the country’s capital during the day, but it’s much different at nighttime. It is reported that the road heading to Delhi Cantonment seems to have an infamous, eerie wanderer who roams along casually, dressed all in white, gesturing for passing motorists to stop. Those who offered her a lift are alleged to have disappeared never to be seen again.

Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Fort

The abandoned village of Bhangarh, nestled in the Alwar area, is among the most horrific locations conceivable and is widely regarded as among India’s most ghostly locales. It is deemed so perilous that the Archaeological Survey of India has made it illegal for anybody to access the Bhangarh Fort during nightfall.

Kolkata’s Writers Building

This historic landmark houses administrative personnel, however, due to its notoriety, no staff remains past sundown. A few of the property’s rooms are unoccupied and haven’t been used in years. According to the numerous legends that contribute to this location’s renown, those locked spaces are inhabited by a supernatural presence, and nights bring weird happenings such as high-pitched laughs, cries, and whispering.

Gujarat’s Dumas Beach

The Dumas in Gujarat is a cursed crematorium ground where several residents have reported hearing strange noises. Individuals have reported hearing weird voices screaming of peril along this shore, particularly at night. This Hindu crematorium is said to be haunted by the souls of the departed.

Mumbai’s Desouza Chawl

The myth surrounding the D’Souza Chawl in Mahim may seem like something out of a motion picture, yet it has numerous believers, not to forget firsthand stories. People in the chawl attest to a woman’s terrible demise after falling into a well accidentally decades earlier. Her scared soul is reported to prowl the Chawl compound since that incident.

West Bengal’s Dow Hill

As per residents, frightening souls live on Dow Hill, the adjacent woodland, and the neighboring Victoria Boys School. Several tragedies and killings have occurred in the woodland, and the spirits of numerous youngsters were observed. One of the most frequent is of a child without a head roaming the jungle and chasing humans.

Those are only a small handful of India’s top horrifying and haunted locations, all with horrific histories.

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