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Brand Ambassador of Dubai – How Dubai Generates Money?

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Dubai Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador is more than just a representation. Someone represents the place through all of its channels, including activities and trades to specialists and neighbourhood clubs. A city’s endorser is generally a personality or a well-known commercial personality. 

Eventually, the representative is compensated for his time spent marketing the city. Several sectors rely on brand ambassadors to appear since customers trust their recommendations. As a result, they should always be up to date on all of the characteristics and attributes of that city. 

Brand Ambassador of Dubai - How Dubai Generates Money

And all of this is so much more when the city is question is one of the most popular in the World – Dubai and the Brand Ambassador is none other the Legendary Indian Film Superstar – Shah Rukh Khan! Shah Rukh Khan has collaborated with Dubai Tourism to showcase the emirate. In 2016 via a collection of mini videos the actor had promoted the most popular of all emirates and still continues to do so.

The initiative, which shows Dubai through his perspective, intends to attract the 57-year-old artist’s admirers all over the world by providing people the chance to discover the city and its various possibilities.

It did not come as a surprise as the city which generates most of its revenue through tourism this was a sensible move to rope in one of the biggest names in the Cinema. Especially given the Indian contingent both as investors, employees, or general workforce, Dubai host a large number of Indians who contribute to its economy and operations.

What is the Major Contributor in Dubai’s Economy?

Though as a common belief it might be natural to assume that oil contributes to most of Dubai’s wealth, which is far from true. In fact, oil only contributes to % of its total richness. 

With a GDP per capita of $57,744, UAE is the world’s third-richest country, after only Luxembourg and Qatar. The majority of its revenue is generated by the manufacturing of items and the rendering of facilities connected to oil, petrochemicals, aluminium, and cement. However, for Dubai, the chunk of the revenue comes from Tourism!

That is why Dubai invests heavily in promoting tourism via many methods such as expos, unique infrastructure, and designating brand ambassadors such as Shah Rukh Khan for this very specific motive. Apart from that Dubai opened up its avenues for foreign investors and in 1985, Dubai developed its first free zone, Jafza, which was the world’s largest at the time. 

This resulted in the creation of 30 more free zones that provide tax reductions, customs duty perks, and waivers to outsiders. As a result, more worldwide corporations have come to visit. Many of these Jafza enterprises account for approximately 20% of all foreign direct investment in Dubai. 

In addition, 144,000 people generate $80 billion in non-oil revenue. That equates to 21% of the city’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Real estate and the property also constitute the majority of contributions to Dubai’s economy its biggest example is Emaar properties world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. 

Dubai’s economy has remained vibrant and diverse, with money produced from a variety of sources. Despite common misconceptions, the majority of the city’s GDP is not reliant on oil. The bulk of its revenue is generated through the manufacturing of goods, the supply of service, and tourism.

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