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Who is Kim Jong-un? North Korea Rules – North Korea and America War

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Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un, also pronounced Kim Jong-Eun, is a North Korean political leader who ascended to authority when his father, Kim Jong II, passed away in December 2011. The formative days of Kim’s leadership were marked by fierce regime centralization and a rapid escalation of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Kim murdered his uncle Jang Song-Thaek in December 2013, claiming that he has “eradicated the scum” from the KWP.

Who is Kim Jong-un? North Korea Rules - North Korea and America War

The mystical Supreme Leader of North Korea has a complete influence on the fate of the 25 million individuals who reside under his confined, decaying regime.

Bizarre North Korean Rules and Regulations

The nation is regarded as being the most restrictive, which should not be unexpected considering the number of atrocious regulations. The government denies its people basic rights and enforces bizarre dictatorial regulations on them. Here are some of the most bizarre rules in effect in North Korea

No Foreign Movies or Music

Watching foreign films or trying to listen to western songs may land North Koreans in prison. To quell opposition, North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un mandated the burning of all audio cassettes and CDs containing government-banned music in 2015. Viewing American films or disseminating pornographic material may lead to the execution sentence. North Korea has just 3 tv networks, and all material is regulated by the state.

No International Calls

North Korean residents are not permitted to make international calls since it is deemed a violation in the country. As per sources, a North Korean business owner was publicly executed after being charged with making international calls in his workplace.

Only Approved Residency in the Capital

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un prefers to have only the wealthiest accomplished, affluent, and important individuals live in Pyongyang. To reside in the capital, individuals need to obtain specific authorization.

State Approved Haircuts

Individuals are only permitted to wear one of the 28 government-approved haircuts, all other haircuts are outlawed. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un enacted this regulation in 2013 and excluded his haircut from the listing since he intended to keep it distinctive and nobody would dare to duplicate it. Married ladies are expected to have shorter hairstyles than single women.

Ban on Bible

The Bible is deemed a representation of Western civilization in North Korea and is thus forbidden since it has the power to convert individuals. A Christian lady was imprisoned and killed for circulating the Bible.

The War between North Korea and America

From 1950 to 1953, North Korea and South Korea waged the Korean War. On June 27, 1950, US President Harry Truman declared assistance for South Korea in resisting a North Korean offensive, thereby launching the United States into the Korean War. The conflict concluded in an agreement instead of a peace agreement, which means that United Nations troops headed by the United States are indeed formally at war with North Korea.

In 2017, North Korea and the United States’ engagement was defined by missile testing and hostile discourse, with hostilities nearing unprecedented highs. Kim announced in public that the mainland United States now lies within striking range of his nation’s nuclear weapons, to which Trump responded quite tauntingly. Thankfully no untoward incidents followed the tension.

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