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Top 10 Powerful Women in India & Their Wealth in 2022

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In the current Indian scenario, Women are no longer in shadows and they are no longer lagging behind when it comes to leading by example. Not theoretically these women have been powerful beyond measures and have made an impact in the Indian economy.

These revered individuals are not just the epitome of Indian women’s power but also have wealth today to show for their hard work. Here is a list of the top 10 most powerful and the wealthiest women in India in 2022.

Top 10 Powerful Women in India & Their Wealth in 2022
  1. Savitri Jindal – Net Worth $ 8 Billion 

Chairperson of the Jindal Group, Savitri Jindal took over the company after the demise of her husband Late O P Jindal in 2005. Following her taking over the company, the company saw a steep growth in just a short span of time.

  1. Vinod Rai Gupta – Net Worth $ 7.6 Billion

After the death of her husband Qimat Rai Gupta in 2014, Vinod Rai Gupta took to head the chairmanship of Havells India. She had been leading by example along with her son Anil Rai Gupta and has been taking the electrical solutions business to new heights.

  1. Roshni Nadar Malhotra – Net Worth $ 7.18 Billion

The only child of the Indian IT Mogul Shiv Nadar, Roshni Nadar Malhotra is the Executive Director and chairperson of HCL Technologies. Filling into her father’s shoes Roshni Nadar has been instrumental in the company’s recent growth.

  1. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw – Net Worth $ 4.7 Billion

A self-made woman she founded Biocon in 1978 and has headed this biopharmaceutical company successfully. Making her name in the APIs and molecular biology Kiran Mazumdar has always been an influential figure in her field.

  1. Divya Gokulnath – Net Worth $ 4.05 Billion

Co-founder of BYJU’S and educator Divya Gokulnath has been a prominent name and has made a revolutionary change in the Indian Edtech segment. As a successful entrepreneur, Divya Gokulnath has been impactful in her venture and an exemplary woman.

  1. Leena Gandhi Tewari – Net Worth $ 3.0 Billion

She chairs the prominent USV Pharma – a private healthcare provider. Leena Gandhi Tewari has been a significant figure in the company’s pioneering development including diabetic and cardiovascular medicines.

  1. Mallika Srinivasan – Net Worth $ 2.89 Billion

Heading the world’s third-largest tractor manufacturing company – Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, Mallika Srinivasan has formidably headed the company and has significantly increased the worth of the company in the Indian and global market.

  1. Nilima Motaparti – Net Worth $ 2.4 Billion

The current Director of Divi’s Laboratories, Nilima Motaparti took to Divi’s Laboratories as the Chief Controller in 2012 and has earned her way to the top of the company. The company manufactures high-quality products including active pharmaceutical ingredients to more than 95 countries.

  1. Radha Vembu – Net Worth $ 1.5 Billion

Radha Vembu joined Zoho which was founded by her brother Sridhar in 1997. A cloud software suite and SaaS Applications providing firm, Zoho had made a name for itself during the 2020 pandemic where they enabled free availability of the remote working tool to companies.

  1. Jayshree Ullal – Net Worth $ 1.3 Billion

Jayshree Ullal chairs the Arista Networks, known as the fastest expanding cloud networking company. Much of its rapid growth is attributed to the vision and leadership quality of Jayshree Ullal who is not new to a position of leadership has acted as the Vice President at Cisco in the past.

All of these women have not just added to their wealth during the past year but also have been by example led the ventures that they were responsible for. Not just in their business these women have also been able to make an impact in their respective industries and contributed to the country’s economy as well.

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