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Disneyland in India

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Disneyland often billed as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” was inaugurated on July 17, 1955. The “amusement park,” including its 5 specialized “lands,” is the earliest of its class and remains to fulfill Walt Disney’s vision of providing a destination wherein both adults and kids can enjoy themselves collectively. Disneyland has been around for over 60 years, and during that period, the parks have developed and changed with the ages while retaining the charm that draws individuals of all ages to come – everything special that makes it a destination like no other.

Disneyland in India

Disneyland has expanded to eight separate lands, with over 40 attractions designed to appeal to customers of all kinds – both young and old. Presently there are Six Disneylands around the world—California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. 

Disneyland in India 

For a nation with over 1.5 billion people, India has around 150 theme parks. The current annual attendance is predicted to be over 50 million, however, India does not yet have a Disneyland. The top 3 amusement parks in terms of yearly attendance are Essel World in Mumbai, Nicco Park in Kolkata, and Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad.

Why India Doesn’t Have a Disneyland?

In comparison to India, the United States boasts approximately 400 theme parks for a populace of 300 million. The Indian theme park industry is still about $400 million, as opposed to the $25 billion worldwide theme park industry, implying enormous development potential.

Some of the sector’s primary issues include a high domestic population but poor footfall, not attractive enough to international visitors, a restricted product choice, a shortage of creativity and improvements, and an absence of new-age promotional and branding methods to extend the visitation profile.

Disney representatives previously knocked out any projects in an amusement park in India owing to a dearth of supporting facilities, in addition to the expensive costs necessary and the viability of bringing in guests to the park on a continuous basis for the whole year long.

Disneyland Alternative in India

Essel World is Disneyland equivalent in India and has entertained the masses for a large part of 30+ years. Essel World, among India’s more well-known and beloved theme parks, is situated in Gorai, near to Maharashtra’s metropolis, Mumbai. Combined, EsselWorld and Water Kingdom form one of Asia’s biggest entertainment resorts. They cover 26 hectares and are popular with tourists and locals of all ages, particularly children. 

Essel World and the Water Kingdom are popular summertime getaways for several people due to their fascinating attractions and activities. To visit both theme parks, arrange a day-long picnic or spend a night at any of the neighboring hotels. Essel World is a must-see for travelers touring the state capital. For very many people, visiting Essel World is connected with childish wonder and memories.

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