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Youngest Billionaire in India –Self-Made Billionaires in India

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An exponentially improving economy, one of the most lucrative business market conditions, India has been one of the most prosperous countries in the world for the past few years. And it is not a surprise that many Indians have made the most of this, and added on to their wealth. 

Youngest Billionaire in India –Self-Made Billionaires in India

While the pre-independence period was completely dependent on the agriculture sector, post-independence saw the rise of industries and made way for established houses and families who multiplied their already existing wealth. But 21st century is the period for entrepreneurs and many young minds have made waves with their one-of-a-kind business concepts and strategies.

For some, their ideas and marketing have resulted in them making a huge return, even in billions. Here we have listed down a few self-made billionaires in India who have enjoyed success at a very early age and have made them quite literally without any prior experience and backing of a big name.

  • Nithin Kamath – Co-Founder of Zerodha 

Their combined Net Worth – Rs. 24,000 Cr.

  • Divyank Turakhia – Founder of Media.net

Net Worth – Rs. 12,500 Cr. 

  • Ankit Bhati – Co-Founder of Ola

Net Worth – Rs. 2,400 Cr

  • Bhavish Agarwal – Co-Founder of Ola

Net Worth – Rs. 3,500 Cr.

  • Vijay Shekhar Sharma – Founded Paytm

Net Worth – $2.3 Billion

  • Binny Bansal – Co Founder of Flipkart

Net Worth – $1.3 Billion

  • Sachin Bansal – Co-Founded Flipkart

Net Worth – $1 Billion

  • Ritesh Agarwal – Founded Oyo 

Net Worth – $1.1 Billion

  • Deepinder Goyal – Founder Zomato

Net Worth – Rs. 2,200 Cr.

All the above names have reached the milestone of being a billionaire at a very early age and each of them is under 40 years of age.

Youngest Self-Made Billionaires in India

The youngest self-made Billionaire title goes to a 23-year-old IITian who actually dropped out of the esteem institution only to realize his dream, Shasvat Narani who co-founded BharatPe. Along with Ashneer Grover and Bhavik Koladiya, Shasvat Narani founded one of the most popular and trusted fintech platforms BharatPe. With a net worth of Rs. 1000 Cr. 

Initially his own brainchild, BharatPe was introduced in 2018 as a result of a need that arose after he had launched a startup called bookmyhaircut.com while in college. BharatPe now boasts the industry’s first interoperable QR with no transaction fee making it a popular merchant choice.

BharatPe is the 3rd largest private player in its segment in the country with an annual turnover of $2.5 Billion. With its latest offering called PostPe, the brand has entered into the realm of the Buy Now and Pay Later segment. While all of its consumer services lending and transactions are secured, they have partnered with RBI-approved NBFCs to further ensure customer trust.

Having faced the initial problems involving getting to the most basic small-scale merchants BharatPe had built brand equity over time slowly but steadily. Now BharatPe is the fastest-growing fintech startup company in India. And Shasvat Narani is reaping the benefits of hislong-termm dream through this platform.

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