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What is an EPIC Number in a Voter ID Card?

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The voter identity card is important documentation for each and every Indian since it serves as a confirmation of nationality. Possessing this documentation, nevertheless, is problematic since misplacing or losing it increases the likelihood of security breaches. To alleviate this problem, the government has issued a Pdf format of this credential known as the Electors Photo Identification Card. This electronic id, like normal voter cards, includes a unique identification number.

What is an EPIC Number in a Voter ID Card

The EPIC number is printed on the voter identification card. On the voter identification card, it’s immediately over your image. EPIC refers to Electors Photo Identification Card, and the EPIC id is the code on the voter identification card. The voter ID card, provided by the Election Commission of India, acts as an identity for Indian residents over the age of 18. Indians can also use the voter ID card to vote in local, regional, and general elections.

A voter can also download and self-laminate the EPIC id or submit it as a PDF to Digi locker. Anyone may obtain their EPIC id in the upper right-hand corner of their voter identification card. If a person does not possess a voter ID card or has misplaced their card, they can obtain the EPIC number on the internet.

Finding EPIC Number Online

Provided you do not have your voter ID card, you may still get basic data on your voter ID digitally if you have the information needed. To find your EPIC number online, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1: First, go to the Electoral Search website.

Step 2: Click on the search by details button.

Step 3: Fill out all of the required and mandatory information.

Step 4: Type in the captcha code and press the search feature.

Step 5: Your profile will appear in the list beneath.

Step 6: Select the ‘see information option.

Step 7: All of your data, such as your EPIC id, would be available.

EPIC Number Use in Voter IDs

Individuals do not have to create a new card when moving states or cities because the EPIC number is equivalent to a voter Identification number. They can get this digital copy by updating the address digitally.

The EPIC number is permanent and serves to verify a person’s identification. It can be useful in banking transactions, purchasing a new SIM card, and other situations.

People can save this electronic voter card on the internet or in a digital locker to ensure maximum privacy. Again, this eliminates the need to transport actual copies.

Ideally, the preceding discussion of what an EPIC number is and how to obtain it has cleared up any confusion.

Those who have misplaced their previous voter cards or just have incorrect information displayed on their voter ID card should apply for an e-EPIC card. This will allow them to obtain a voter card online and quickly. They might apply all same strategies in the forthcoming elections. In this respect, as previously indicated, they ought to be informed of how to locate an EPIC number online.

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