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Vehicle Registration Certificate – How to get a Vehicle RC? What is Road Tax? What is the process to get a Duplicate Vehicle RC? Is it mandatory to have the Vehicle RC while driving?

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An RC, or Registration Certificate, is documentation that each and every car owner must have. It serves as documentation that an automobile has been legally listed by a certain RTO under the Indian authorities. It is good for 15 years and must be refreshed every 5 years after that. 

Vehicle Registration Certificate How to get a Vehicle RC What is Road Tax What is the process to get a Duplicate Vehicle RC Is it mandatory to have the Vehicle RC while driving

When you own an automobile, you should understand the significance of the RC card/book. While driving on Indian highways, the Government of India has mandated it essential to possess a duplicate of your RC card/book. A Registration Certificate copy, often known as an RC, is a document that demonstrates that your car has been licensed by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) authority. You may now obtain a duplicate of your Registration Certificate in the format of a Smart card.

Getting a Vehicle RC

Each vehicle owner is needed to record their car with the RTO office closest to them. Your car is examined by an examining official at the RTO or zonal office as part of the certification process. Instead, you can also have your vehicle registered via an automobile dealership that has the ability to do so.

Papers necessary to receive your vehicle’s registration certificate

The following documents are required to receive RC for your vehicle:

  • CMV20 form
  • Sale certification
  • Certificate of Insurance in Force
  • Address verification
  • The dealer provides temporary registrations.
  • Fee for registration
  • A duplicate owner’s PAN card

Nonetheless, like any other record, the RC might become destroyed or lost over time. If an RC is misplaced or destroyed, a replacement can be obtained under an application form. Filing for a duplicate RC is a straightforward process that may be performed online or offline.

Road Tax

The Indian government levies a tax on the acquisition of a new car, mostly to fund the upkeep of the Indian transportation network. Vahan tax is essentially a way for the government to recoup monies required for different operations such as sending emergency and rescue services on India’s roadways.

The Indian road system is among the biggest in the world, with an overall length of over 5 million kilometers in 2019 and growing. The Indian government collects money in the kind of a tax from automobile owners in the nation to sustain the facilities of such a wide network of highways as well as offer basic services such as lighting systems and traffic signs.

The Process to Get a Duplicate RC

If the RC is ever damaged or lost/ stolen, notify to the police station in the region where the loss or damage happened and notify the registration authorities who provided the certificate of registration in person.

  • In Form 26, request a duplicate registration certificate from the last registration office.
  • Pay the necessary charge as stipulated in Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, Rule 81.
  • Go to the main site of Parivahan Sewa.
  • Choose the option to request a Duplicate RC online by clicking on ‘online services and then vehicle-related services.’
  • Complete the duplicate RC request form and double-check the auto-generated user’s data.
  • You can pay the processing costs online. The charge varies based on whether it is a 2-wheeler, 4-wheeler, LCV, HCV, or another vehicle.
  • So a certificate is created, that must be presented including other papers to the controlling transport authority’s office.

According to the central government’s announcement premised on the revision to the 1989 Motor Vehicles Act, it is no longer essential to maintain a driver’s license or RC (Registration Card) book or card in hand while driving. Alternatively, you can save these records in the mParivahan mobile app and show them to officials when demanded. This is totally acceptable, authorized, and user-friendly.

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