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What Is Soil Health Card Scheme – Benefits of Soil Health Card – How to Apply for Soil Health Card Scheme?

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Soil health and vitality are the foundations for farmers’ long-term prosperity across the planet. And following scientific recommendations for fertilizer levels and crop management is the first stride toward responsible agriculture. The Prime Minister of India launched the Soil Health Card Scheme for the benefit of agriculture.

What Is Soil Health Card Scheme - Benefits of Soil Health Card - How to Apply for Soil Health Card Scheme?

Backed by scientific methodologies, the system informs farmers about the crops that may be grown according to the soil. Farmers can maximize production when harvesting crops by practicing so. Depending on the outcomes of the study, farmers are given a soil health card that specifies the crops that may be grown in the soil and steps to increase agricultural yield.

Benefits of Soil Health Card

There are several advantages to obtaining a Soil Health Card, and the farmer should be aware of them:

  1. The soil health card program will thoroughly assess the farmer’s soil and provide them with a prepared assessment so that they can determine which crops to produce for increased income.
  2. The authorized authority will also evaluate the soil on a constant schedule and will provide farmers with an assessment every three years. Farmers also will be provided with soil information on a regular basis.
  3. The authorities would also hire specialists to assist farmers in implementing corrective actions under the plan.
  4. Farmers may manage the future of the harvests and farmland with the aid of the Soil Health Card Scheme.
  5. The finest part of the plan is that the state pays close focus to the fact that a single professional performs soil assessment for a farmer, which increases the scheme’s efficacy.
  6. The SHC informs farmers about which minerals are deficient in the soil. As a result, the crops that prove to be more profitable and practical are suggested to the farmers.

How to Apply for Soil Health Card Scheme?

Agriculture Department personnel involved in this initiative must enroll on the official Soil Health website. They can carry out the instructions-

  • Visit www.soilhealth.dac.gov.in.
  • Go to the “Login” menu.
  • Choose the obtain the optimal solution from the drop-down list.
  • The login screen will appear. As indicated in the figure beneath, select “Register New User.”
  • The internal User Registration page will be shown. Fill in all of the form’s fields and select “Submit.”
  • Finally, the user registration process will be finished.

Internal users can also register for Sample Tests via the Soil Health Card Mobile Application. The link to the full advice on how to enroll for a sample test through the mobile app is provided.

A farmer whose soil specimens have been gathered for Soil Sample Test/SHC can follow their progress by going to the local Citizen Service Center. They could also use the official webpage to monitor the activities of the soil specimen.

The agricultural department collects specimens around the nation using a consistent approach and regulations. Department officials collect data in grids of 2.5 hectares in an agricultural area and 10 hectares in a rain-fed sector.

These examples are created using revenue data and relevant GPS techniques and types of equipment. Farmers who have submitted soil samples for analysis and have received a soil health card. Farmers can also obtain a Soil Health Card digitally.

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