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Types of Passports in India 

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A passport is documentation issued by the central government to a legal citizen. A passport is a kind of identification that includes a person’s name, date, and place of birth, nationality, residence, and birthplace. A passport’s function is to verify the article’s bearer. The navy blue regular passport must be updated after ten years for Indians.

Types of Passports in India 

However, there is more than just one type of passport issued to citizens in India. And every citizen must be aware of the main features of all the different types. So how should you notice whether your passport has a provision that allows for speedier customs processing or visa-free travel? To do so, you must first learn about the many sorts of Indian passports and the distinct implications. 

The ordinary individual is unaware that there are various types of passports. Nevertheless, just as various visas need various forms of this documentation, persons involve a variety of this file depending on their employment. Let’s learn everything we can regarding these many passports issued in India!

Different Types of Passports in India

There are 3 types of passports in India and they are differentiated by the colors of their cover, they are:

  • Navy Blue Passport
  • Maroon Passport
  • White Passport

Navy Blue Passport

Ordinary passports are navy blue in color and are granted for regular travel or business travels. The public at large uses these passports to travel for pleasure or for the profession. 

This form of passport aids international agencies in distinguishing between ordinary citizens and governmental personnel.

Maroon Passport

Diplomatic passports have a maroon cover. It is exclusively given to Indian ambassadors, diplomatic deliveries, and elite public officials. This passport is used by government personnel when they go overseas on official business. 

A white passport makes it vastly easier for immigration authorities to recognize and handle government personnel.

White Passport

Besides navy blue and maroon colored passports, the Indian government also offers white passports to persons who serve the Indian government on official government affairs in other countries. These passports are used by Indian embassy officials and senior officials when they go abroad to represent India. 

Amongst several benefits accessible to maroon passport holders, visa-free transit (for going overseas) is by far the most beneficial. Individuals would not require a visa for overseas excursions, regardless of what length of time they chose to remain in a foreign land. Individuals can also benefit from a speedier immigration procedure with such passports.

Proposed Orange Passport

Apart from the above-mentioned 3 types of passports, the Indian government similarly proposed to issue orange passports early in the year 2018 but had to abandon the scheme due to widespread opposition. The orange passports were intended for Indians in requirement of an Emigration Clearance.

The intention was to make airport security procedures easier, but one of the criticisms leveled with orange-jacket passports claimed that they might contribute to prejudice against those who carry them.

It was proposed that those who had not completed their 10th class exams were to be granted an orange passport. 

Aside from the above-described passports, if an Indian traveling overseas lost their passport in a foreign nation, the Indian Embassy in the country normally issues an Emergency Certificate that allows the individual to return to India. This certificate acts as an interim passport for the said individual(s).

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