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The Physics Wallah Story 

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Physics Wallah’s journey is full of highs and lows and has proven to be inspiring. For Alakh Pandey, who envisioned Physics Wallah, the path was fairly hard and time-consuming. 

Possessing a strong desire to learn and educate yet a shortage of means poses a challenge. However, if your endeavors are persistent, there is absolutely nothing that may prevent you from fulfilling your objectives.

The Physics Wallah Story 

Alakh Pandey enjoyed learning as a kid, however, his minimal-income circumstances prevented him from pursuing his aim of earning an IIT education. The young kid, who was nurtured in Allahabad, pursued a degree in mechanical engineering at Harcourt Butler Technical University in Kanpur. 

But, knowing that his parents had sacrificed their home to help pay for his studies, Alakh was eager to contribute and taught JEE/NEET programs at local coaching facilities during his graduating years.

Amidst several challenges, he refused to hold back his dreams, and as a result, his startup has now become India’s 101st Unicorn at a time while other Edtech portals are in decline. Having estimated $100 million at a time while other services are struggling for financing is just what made his entire journey worthwhile! This is his story – Physicswallah’s success story.

The Story

Despite the fact that Alakh Pandey created his coaching channel on YouTube in 2014, it wasn’t until 2016 that he released the very first post, and here is when the co-founder of Physicswallah Pratik Maheswari joined the bandwagon.

He titled this YouTube channel ‘physics wallah,’ after one of his favorite pupils, who gave him this ‘nickname.’ He taught children from the sixth through the twelfth grades on his YouTube channel. 

His teaching techniques featured scheduled and live sessions, problem-solving, and testing. He also helped students study for national-level admission examinations like JEE and NEET.

Because he had tasted hardship, his tuition costs were relatively low and inexpensive, beginning at Rs 999. Today, with 13,700 Clips on youtube and a team of 1500, Alakh has educated over 6 million pupils so far.

He resigned from his position at the training center where he worked in 2017 to devote his whole focus to the channel. Although progress was modest at first, taking a step backward was not a choice for him! Through 2017 and 2019, his channel saw a breakout, with his subscribers increasing from 4k to 2 million. 

When Covid-19 hit, the network thrived unlike any other. He created the mobile application “Physics Wallah” in 2020. He began offering video tutorials and offline sessions. Physicswallah now operates upwards of 20 physical facilities in 18 cities, educating more than 10,000 students.

Having his brand successful was a difficult undertaking for him. His voyage was filled with obstacles, as he acknowledged. He recalled being offered 75 crores by Unacademy and 40 crores as a yearly wage from others, all of these offers he declined because he desired to take his business to new places.

Once he decided not to quit on his vision, numerous rival companies began snatching his employees in a variety of methods. Many of his employees also quit. But, yet again, it couldn’t deter him from progressing, and the outcome is for everyone to see today.

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