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What is Angel Investment? Top Angel Investors in India

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Angel Investment

Angel investment is a kind of investment that mostly suits a successful and wealthy individuals, who after identifying a potential in a business idea or entrepreneur concepts invests in it. Angel investment is not a vague investment and neither does it qualify as a philanthropic help to businesses or individuals with a credible business idea.

What is Angel Investment Top Angel Investors in India

Angel investors usually identify a high yielding idea and their investment in the concept and idea is purely to yield higher return from its prospects. These are individual who offer funding endorsement to smaller firms or entrepreneurs in exchange for ownership shares in the company. Angel investors’ cash may choose to invest a lumpsum starting amount or even choose to assist the operations of the start-up financially for a substantial amount of time during its early phases of their operation.

Angel investment, though not for everyone, is a fairly safer option of investment as it depends of the research and potential seeking ability of the investor. Thus the investors can choose the best possible investment idea or a company before assisting them financially.

Given its yield percentage, which may go up to 90% of the share of the idea or the company itself, it is quite popular amongst investors who have a dedicated research background or a knack of identifying potential winners.

Top Angel Investors in India

Sanjay Mehta

A member of the Indian Angel Network, he is a prominent figure in investment and is known for his liking for technology. He has recently turned to a private investor who wishes to replicate his success with entrepreneurs.

Anand Chandrasekaran 

He is best known for investments in over 50 startups including Khatabook, Dealshar, InVideo etc. His major investments sectors are B2C and P2P market place. He is the Director at Facebook India and former product head at Snapdeal.

Sandeep Tandon

With over 23 investments Mr. Sandeep Tandon is a widely reputed angel investor who is also the co-founder of FreeCharge. His portfolio of investments include notable names like Unacademy, Razorpay etc.

Ratan Tata

This name needs no introduction as an Indian angel investor, Mr. Tata has notable investment in companies such as Urban Ladder, Xiaomi and has liking for the consumer service sector. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest “angel” amongst Indian investors.

Vijay Shekar Sharma

A top angel investor, he’s is the founder and CEO of Paytm and has a diverse investment portfolio of investing in over 37 companies. Being a successful entrepreneur himself his expertise have benefitted names such as Milaap, InnerChef, Sourceeasy etc.

Sachin Bansal

As an enthusiastic individual he has supported and invested in over 14 businesses in India, and has interest in the sector ofinternet services, analytics, artificial intelligence, media, and e-commerce. Unacademy, Inshorts, and Ather Energy are among his significant investments. He is the co-founder of Flipkart.

Kunan Bahl

With over 60 companies in his investment profile, he has a passion for market trends and hence have a diverse portfolio spread in a variety of sector. His major investments are made in Ola, Snapdeal, Rapido etc.

Gokul Rajaram

As a techy it is no surprise that his portfolio of angel investments include sectors that includes technology at its core. He has heavily invested in names like LivSpace, Buffer, Loop, Flipora etc.

Rajan Anandan

As an eager angel investor he has successfully benefitted from investments in over 60 companies and his area of interest for investments include Big Data, Analytics, Online Health care, e-commerce etc.

Anupam Mittal

He is an avid researcher and has been known to identify and support more than 50 start-ups including the likes of Ola, Kar Capital etc. He is the founder and CEO of People group.

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