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The Safest City in India

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India has long been recognized for encouraging the spirit of solidarity, however, is no place in this world without its share of evil. The country has its own share of inhibitions that makes it not so perfect.  India, a place wherein individuals of diverse classes and creeds live in peace and unison and cohabit as one general public, is an illuminating illustration of how diversity can never be a barrier to progress. 

The Safest City in India

Despite the government’s best efforts crime and safety issues are of major concern in the country, although the authorities have mitigations, laws implementations and preventions are carried out to make the country a safe dwelling for its citizens. Even so, with over 300 cities, the issue inevitably arises: which would be the safest city in India? Because safety characteristics vary and change, choosing the safest city must be considered with care.

According to the National Crime Reports Bureau (NCRB) data, Kolkata has been the safest city for the 2nd year running. In spite of the population and political situation, the city has remained to be the safest in terms of crimes reported by the end of the year 2021.

Safest City for Women

Kolkata, nicknamed the “City of Joy” for its passionate expression of heritage, compassion, wonder, tolerance, excitement, and, of course, some great sugary snacks, comes first as India’s safest city to live in. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) crime report the city has been revealed as an urban city with the lowest rates of punishable imprisonment offences. 

It is the safest city in India for women, as it is now referred to, is a city that maintains a perfect starkness seen between the old world and the contemporary one. Kolkata is by far the safest city for women among all the major cities in India and the reported crime rates against women are quite low when compared to the major metropolitan cities around the country. Women are relatively safe with the law and order as well as the general unanimity in the state for the safety of women. 

In terms of Other Crimes

When it comes to other reported crimes as well, Kolkata fares well against several other cities in the country. While general perception of people outside the city may differ but the NCRB report has clearly stated that the reported crimes in the city have been quite low. Be it petty theft or homicides, the city has reported quite a low number of registered cases in the past few years.

Warm sentiments circulating all across the city, thanks to its hospitable and predominantly Bengali population, have contributed significantly to Kolkata’s image as one of the safest places to reside in India. Nevertheless, the state’s excessively muggy weather and crowded city life make it one of the toughest cities to live in India. However, Kolkata’s reputation as one of the safest cities in India provides it with more than ample appeal!

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