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Hot Springs in India

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Hot water springs are natural phenomena that are warmed and pushed to the earth’s top layer by geological pressures. They commonly lead to the formation of pools, natural springs, bodies of water, and hydrothermal vents. These unique hot springs in India contain soluble compounds and elements that have been shown to be advantageous to the body and are thought to have considerable medical potential.

Hot Springs in India

Aside from the therapeutic value, the sensation of plunging oneself into these must-see hot springs in India is also quite enjoyable.

Here’s a detailed list of some of the popular hot springs in India, this may be useful for your next getaway plans.

Chumathang, Ladakh

Chumathang hot springs could provide visitors with an amazing bath session as they escape the chill of Ladakh and savor the comfort of this hot spring location’s waters. Chumathang hot springs, like some other magnificent hot springs in India, are said to possess therapeutic properties.

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

Manikaran, in the Kullu Region, is famed for its sulfur natural water springs. Bathe in Manikaran’s natural hot springs after experiencing the Sikh Temple and having a plunge in its sacred waters. This stream is also bordered by some of the most beautiful spots in Kullu.

Panamik, Leh

Panamik small village, situated around 150 kilometers from Leh in Nubra Valley, is frequently visited by visitors looking to soak in hot sulfur springs. There are separate pools for men and women, as well as cottages with baths and changing rooms, making swimming in Panamik hot springs a true pleasure and convenience.

Kheer Ganga, Himachal Pradesh

Hike into the lush green woods of the Kullu district and relax in hot water springs encircled by beautiful ambiance splendor in Kheer Ganga. Travelers from all around the globe come to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Gaurikund, Uttarakhand

It is another well-known Hindu holy place. At 6,000 feet, it is home to several hot springs that really are popular amongst travelers as cleansing destinations. It also acts as a base camp for those who wish to travel to Kedarnath after swimming in the springs.

Dhuni Pani, Madhya Pradesh

The Dhuni Pani is a hidden gem and an interesting hot spring located in the deep woods of Madhya Pradesh. You must hike from Amarkantak to reach there. This is a spiritually significant holy hot water spring. Many ailments are said to be cured by having a bath in such hot springs.

Bakreshwar, West Bengal

Bakreshwar, a Hindu pilgrimage place, is situated in West Bengal, some 230 kilometers from Kolkata, and is also known for its several natural springs. Surya Kunda, Dudh Kunda, Agni Kunda (the hottest of them), Bhairav Kunda, Shwet Ganga, Brahma Kunda, and Amrita Kunda are among Bakreswar’s famous hot springs.

Reshi, Sikkim

Reshi hot springs in the northeastern part of India are situated roughly 25 kilometers from Gyalshing on the sides of the Rangeet River, enveloped by breathtaking scenery. Its sulfur-rich warm Reshi Hot Springs is said to have healing properties for a variety of skin disorders.

Jakrem, Meghalaya

The medical characteristics of Jakrem’s hot springs have transformed this relatively unexplored site into a prospective health spa with segregated bathing chambers for guests’ convenience. Visitors could also appreciate exploring Umngi’s other hidden hot springs.

Atri, Odisha

Atri is a tiny town in Odisha’s Khurda district that is noted for its continuous hot springs with sulfur dosages that are thought to have medicinal abilities. The Government of Odisha maintains a bathing facility at the location.

Akoli, Maharashtra

Akoli hot water springs, situated around a kilometer from Vajreshwari in the Thane region on a lovely hillside, are among the greatest sites for one-day getaways near Mumbai. Because the sources are located near the famed Rameshwar Temple, they are also recognized as Rameshwar springs.

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