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Everything about Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Course

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Introduction to ITI Course

The Industrial Training Institute or ITS was created by the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, to give admittance to multiple ITI programs. 

Trainees are schooled in a variety of professional and technical fields. Based on the category of program, applicants can acquire ITI admissions in several disciplines of ITI degrees post 12th or ITI programs following 10th or 8th.

Everything about Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Course

The authorities provide certification courses that last one or two years.

Following the completion of their Class 10 examinations, several students enroll in ITI courses in order to gain ITI technician employment and other opportunities. ITI programs are short-term courses that give specializations in many subjects of expertise in order to assist individuals in gaining employment in their desired sectors.

Scope of ITI – Jobs with ITI Course

The I.T.I. entrance gives earning prospects immediately following class 10th or 12th. These are vocational education programs that only teach fundamental skills for acquiring a profession after finishing 10th or 12th grade. Industrial Training Institutes offer professional training classes to individuals in order for them to get a job right after the completion of the course.

The goal of such courses is to assist people to develop small businesses while also preparing them for positions in the private and public sectors.  The courses provided by ITIs are known as “Trades,” and they focus on particular technical skills required by the business. These programs might last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.  The period of training is determined by the type of program and its content.

Jobs for ITI Candidates

Public Sector

One may acquire a number of government employment after completing ITI. This employment will be basic at first, but anyone could advance quickly and achieve an excellent rank.   There are several posts in various state administrations that are solely open to ITI graduates. 

There is a special specified seat for ITI students. Aside from that, individuals can qualify for employment in the Central Government, such as those in defense, power sector, and other national or state agencies.

Private Sector

After completing ITI, students will be able to pick from a variety of corporate professions based on their field of study and skills. Several graduates who are placed via campus selection end up working in the private industry, where their starting salaries may be lower. 

Nevertheless, with dedication and effort, anyone will be able to earn a fair living. Upon completing ITI, many people travel to other nations, that are in need of skilled labor, to work as well.

Qualification Criteria for ITI

To prevent disqualification, applicants applying for admission to I.T.I. courses should verify the eligibility conditions. Age bracket, academic qualification, and minimum grade are among the qualification criteria. The I.T.I. qualifying requirements are shown below-

Age Limits

Applicants who are 14-40 years old on the commencement date of the admission period are eligible to enroll in the course.

Ex-servicemen and war widows have a 5-year age relaxation. 

Academic Qualification

Educational qualifications requirements vary from Class 8 to Class 12, based on the degree requested by the individual.

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