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What Is an Entrepreneur? Types of Entrepreneur – How to Become an Entrepreneur?

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Who is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a person who launches a novel venture, carrying the majority of the uncertainties and reaping the majority of the incentives. Entrepreneurship means initiating a company from scratch. The entrepreneur is frequently regarded as a pioneer, an origin of fresh concepts, products, services, and business/or practices.

Entrepreneurs are crucial players in any economic system because they have the abilities and leadership to foresee necessities and deliver positive fresh concepts to the industry. Entrepreneurship that succeeds in trying to take on the threats of launching a venture is compensated with earnings, popularity, and possibilities for sustained expansion. Entrepreneurship failure outcomes in failures and much less market presence for all those associated.

Types of Entrepreneur

Depending on the different business strategies followed, there are 4 kinds of entrepreneurs:

Large Scale Company Entrepreneur

Large company entrepreneurs start new ventures inside an existing corporation by procuring or forming a brand-new institutional segment. Facebook’s possession of Instagram is such an example.

Small Scale Business Entrepreneur

Small business owners start enterprises without any strategies for large-scale rapid growth. Instead of approaching venture capitalists, they frequently enter a specific area and focus on their individual fiscal requirements. Eateries, souvenir stores, and independent business department shops are examples.

Social Business Entrepreneur

Social business owners use their products and services to effect sociocultural transformation. Its objective is to establish a long-lasting company that can fix a systemic issue or resolves social problems.


Scalable start-up entrepreneurs establish enterprises with the goal of broad, long-term expansion. These are Individuals who frequently possess a unique concept that upends or establishes a new segment. Businesses such as Flipkart and BharatPe are examples.

How to Become an Entrepreneur?

For many, the title “entrepreneur” is enticing because it can lead to a fruitful and enriching profession. The entrepreneurial journey usually begins with a brilliant idea. Those intrigued by or are thinking of following the concept of entrepreneurs must develop a plan that includes the steps listed below:

Identifying the Necessity for Your Product or Service

The product or service category you select is going to be the heart of your venture and the single most crucial decision will make. Even though the ideal product doesn’t really exist, there are methods for minimizing potential losses by selecting a product and specialty that has more things going for it than against it. Offering something that satisfies a passion or solves a problem is always advantageous and profitable. You may choose a product or service by assessing the trend, prospect, or potential for growth.

Perfecting Your Product or Service

Though, as mentioned earlier, a perfect product may not exist, that doesn’t mean that you cannot perfect your service or product to a level that it stands out or is unique to the market. Product development strategies help you through the process of perfecting your product and enable you to offer your product and maximize profits.

Validation for Your Product

Having an idea is good, but to see it reap the fruits that meet your expectations is a different thing. The subsequent phase is to validate the new product. This is the method for determining whether you’re offering items that your clients actually would like to have. From the initial few purchases of your product, you have achieved true product validation. So, it is always a good idea to rely on a dry run with a limited budget, just to get the feel of the market before making a major investment.

Forming A Business Plan

It’s time to compose a strategic plan now that you’ve received your product validation. An enterprise blueprint is a record that details anything at all about your company. It will contain key ideas such as your target customers or the segment, how much will be the cost for every good or service, what merchandise lines can initiate, and your promotional strategies.

Arranging Finance

Entrepreneurship necessitates funds, particularly if you intend to sell a completely novel product. Though you can continue investing through your early earnings in your company, many enterprises require some form of initial financing. You can either self-fund your project, take a loan or rely on a venture capitalist.

That is all to get your business to start. All of the above points could get you from point A to B, along with these to maximize your business and profits you need to have a clear idea of the business that you wish to have, perseverance and trust.

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