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What is PUC Certificate? What is the PUC Test Procedure? What is the Cost and Validity of a PUC Certificate?

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The global increase in emissions has driven governments to set pollution standards for automobiles. To comply with the government’s emission standards, all vehicles and motorcycles registered in the country must undergo pollution testing. As a result, one must get a Pollution Certificate or PUC Certificate for your car. Failing to present the emission test certificate may lead to a penalty imposed by the appropriate authority. 

What is PUC Certificate? What is the PUC Test Procedure? What is the Cost and Validity of a PUC Certificate?

As a law-abiding citizen, one must acquire a pollution certificate for their vehicle. However, when they receive a pollution certificate for motorcycles or cars, users should learn more about this environment-conscious certification.

PUC Certificate

PUC Certificate is an abbreviation for Pollution under Control Certificate (PUCC). The certification serves as approved documentation, containing the emissions standards of the automobile and if these meet the emissions regulations. This is accomplished via authorized emissions test centers that are typically located in petrol pumps throughout India.

The government provides the PUCC after evaluating the pollution levels of your automobile or motorcycle and confirming that the total emissions fall within the requirements provided. The Ministry of Transport has ordered that a PUC Certificate be kept by the owner or rider of the automobile at all times under the Central Motor Vehicles Act, 1989.

PUC Test Procedure

One needs to get your car inspected for emissions and obtain a PUC Certificate at 

  1. Petrol pumps or service locations located around the nation that have PUC Centers where you can feature the vehicle assessed.
  2. Auto emission screening labs that are licensed and have a computerized facility.
  3. Separate pollution testing facilities

The following is a step-by-step process for obtaining a PUC Certificate:

  1. Drive the automobiles (bike/car) to an emissions test site close to you.
  2. The technician will analyze the exhaust system with a gadget to determine your vehicle’s emission levels.
  3. Once the payments are paid, the technician will provide the PUC Certificate alongside the testing results.

PUC Certificates Online

The government has officially permitted only authorized emission testing centers and RTOs to obtain a PUC Certificate digitally. The government’s PARIVAHAN website provides numerous transportation-related digital services, such as monitoring the progress of PUC Center applications, paying costs online, providing emission certifications digitally, and establishing new or existing PUC Centres.

Cost and Validity of a PUC Certificate

The cost of obtaining a PUC Certification is determined by the kind of fuel used and the automobile operated. The PUC certification fees range from Rs. 60 to Rs. 100, based on whether the automobile is 2, 3, or 4 wheels and the fuel systems.

Pollution values might vary depending on the year of the automobile. As a result, the pollution levels of your automobile or bike must be examined at periodic intervals. When driving on Indian public roads, you must have the PUC Certification, and your car may be searched for documentation such as a pollution test credential. The expiration of the PUC Certification varies depending on whether the automobile is fresh or old. Here are the specifics:

New Automobiles

The PUC validity for new automobiles is one year, following which the PUCC must be renewed within the time intervals specified.

Old Automobiles

The PUC Certification for old automobiles is active for 6 months and must be reissued every 6 months.

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