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How did Gautam Adani Become Richest Man in India? Adani Business Model – Gautam Adani Listed the Company in the Stock Market 

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Gautam Adani, Chairman of Adani Group, has surpassed Mukesh Ambani, to become India’s wealthiest individual. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, has previously been in the position since 2015. But how did it all come to be and how did Gautam Adani become the richest man in India? That is the question, and we have detailed down the answer for you.

How did Gautam Adani Become Richest Man in India? Adani Business Model - Gautam Adani Listed the Company in the Stock Market 

Adani’s personal wealth has increased 121% to $74.5 billion by 2021 after he created his enterprise in coal mining, energy, and docks before expanding into data centers and airport administration.

Adani’s net wealth has increased significantly before 2020, owing largely to the spectacular success of his sustainable energy firm, Adani Green, on Indian stock exchanges. Adani’s personal wealth was $4.91 billion in March 2020. In just short of 2 years, his net wealth had increased by more than 1808% to $83.89 billion.

Adani Business Model

The Adani Group of Corporations is among India’s biggest commercial enterprises. It is present in about 50 nations worldwide.  Airports and harbor administration, mining operations, electricity generation, wind and solar power, edible oil manufacturing, food processing, and other businesses are all part of the Adani group’s extensive portfolio.

Adani Group owns and runs mining operations of coal in India. Also, it controls shipping ports such as Mundra port, Krishnapatnam port, Hazira port, and others. The company has multiple solar power plants around the nation.

These plants generate massive quantities of power. Adani assumed the management of numerous airports across India, including Jaipur and Guwahati. 

Within India, the Company maintains multiple Special Economic Zones around major ports. With a location in Hyderabad, the business also manufactures defense equipment.

Besides India, Australia is among the key sites for the Adani group’s company operations, including many other nations around the globe.

Adani Group includes a wide range of businesses. All of them include their own business model. However, the usual business strategy used by such a massive corporation has always been aligned with the government’s objectives.

Throughout the reigns of numerous administrations, the Adani Group has accomplished some astonishing accomplishments.

The Adani Group’s core clients and users are members of the middle class. However, the Adani group collaborates with major governments and corporations. Mines, oil and natural gas, sustainable sources, and military machinery transactions are available with both government and commercial enterprises.

The group’s logistical and infrastructure sections then provide assistance to the general people.

Adani Group’s Share in Stock Market 

Gautam Adani Listed the Company on the Stock Market when the Adani Enterprise under the Adani Group went public in 1994. The company then issues 5 lac equity shares at 10 Rs. each. As per the current standings, the shares of Adani Enterprises are listed at approximately 3420 Rs. each.

This astonishing rise to being the richest man in India and the 33rd richest man in the world has been the vision and grit of one man’s dream – Gautam Adani; for him, there are many more new goals and many more milestones to cross.

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