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Best Must Watch Movies on Stock Market

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Movies are not just for entertainment, if you are into the right ones you may be able to learn quite a few tricks and lessons for your life too. Even when it comes to issues like economics, the stock market, and investing, there have been several excellent films created about them over the last few decades.

Best Must Watch Movies on Stock Market

For those considering the possibilities, the risks, and the temptations of the stock market, well here’s a list of a few of the top stock market films that have perfectly depicted the working of the stock market.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This 2013 Blockbuster movie received praise for its depiction of Wall Street trader Jordan Belfort’s professional and personal life. The film traces Belfort’s journey from an entry-level position to significant devastation owing to Black Monday, to pumping and dumping penny stock scam, to the establishment of his new business, which is probed by the US SEC and the FBI. It is undoubtedly one of the finest stock market movies since it depicts the financial industry and its rotten underworld.

The Big Short

The Big Short is based on the real-life 2008 economic collapse and covers 3 independent stories. Released in 2015, the movie follows Michael Burry’s profitable investment endeavor, Jared Venett’s introduction into the CDS market, and how Geller and Shipley benefit massively from shorting. It’s an excellent stock market film that, while focusing mostly on debt instruments, includes a lot of fundamental trade principles and offers people an awareness of the effect of unforeseen circumstances.


This 2018 film is a thriller drama film centered on the life of a stockbroker. Rizwan, recruited for his trade abilities, becomes caught in market manipulation and crooked connections. As a stock market film, it gives an excellent glimpse into what it needs to operate in the industry.

Money Monster

After losing his whole assets owing to the advice of a financial guru on a Television program, a guy named Budwell comes after the expert and his team and holds them captive in order to seek explanations regarding the stock’s decline. The 2016 film emphasizes the need not blindly trust so-called market gurus and is an excellent stock market film to view.


This 2006 movie is considered ahead of its time and made way for some later successful adaptations on the same subject. Based on Harshad Mehta’s real-life scheme in 1992, the film depicts a middle-class man’s experience as he attempts his fortune in the stock market and becomes involved in a fraud.

While some movies on the list are a work of fiction, few have taken inspiration from real-life incidents. These movies have much for beginners or even seasoned traders about the nature of the stock market.

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