What is Cyber Security


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Cyber Security Job & Salary in India

Cyber security has been a continual matter of concern for all firms as the web and online activities have grown increasingly popular and widespread. Based on the statistics, one new organization was hit by malware or ransomware every 11 seconds in 2021. As per a Kaspersky Security Network study, cyber-attacks in India increased by 37% within the first quarter of 2020. Accredited Indian colleges have begun to provide the top cybersecurity degrees.

What is Cyber Security?

In real life, physical safety safeguards infrastructure and commodities, while cybersecurity protects digital networks and data. Cybersecurity is the discipline of safeguarding data centers, machines, communications devices, networking platforms, smart devices, and data against malicious cyberattacks. 

Its purpose is to safeguard assets from harmful algorithms and breaches, and it may be used in a variety of settings, like mobile technology and enterprises. The global cyber threat is constantly shifting, with more security breaches occurring each and every year.

Cyber Security Application Area


As the name indicates, network security entails stopping harmful or unauthorized persons from gaining the network’s privileges. This is necessary to maintain a firm’s credibility, trustworthiness, and usefulness. The networks’ inbound and outbound data must be constantly examined.


Transferring on-premises information to the cloud has become increasingly common as IT businesses strive to reduce operating costs. Individuals are increasingly linked online instead of through a conventional, secured network, making them vulnerable to cybercriminals. As a consequence, you must guarantee that both the user and the cloud platform are safe.


Because it will get into touch with a significant amount of users and many other partners, each software you publish on the marketplace is always susceptible to hacking. As a consequence, you should safeguard the information stored in the application server from anyone who has access to it.

Cyber Security Job and Salary in India

A Cyber Security Engineer is capable of detecting cyber infections, harmful faults, and network intrusions. To protect the business’s security in the long term, the professional must keep an eye out for unusual conduct and implement solid system setups. He or she is responsible for defending the company’s digital assets against dangers and must have great organizational, intellectual, and communication abilities.

The position requires an emphasis on quality assurance inside the IT framework, which includes creating, constructing, and safeguarding expandable, safe, and robust processes, as well as aiding the corporation in recognizing sophisticated cyber-attacks, continuing to work on operations and maintenance of data center and networks, and providing assistance in the development of robust tactics for safeguarding the organizational configuration.

The salary package will be higher if Cyber Security Engineer has more experience. As a consequence, if you’re fresh in the sector, you should set reasonable goals.

An entry-level Cyber Security Engineer may probably earn Rs.253,702 per year on average.

An early career Cyber Security Engineer with 1-4 years of experience may expect to earn Rs. 307,034 per year in total salary.

A mid-career Cyber Security Engineer with 5-9 years of work experience may expect to earn Rs. 540,361 per year in total salary.

A Cyber Security Engineer with 10 to 19 years of experience makes Rs. 829,081 per year on average.

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