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Vietnam Visa for Indians – Vietnam Visa Fees for Indian Citizens

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Vietnam Tourist Visa Application

Vietnam is a popular tourist location for Indian citizens. The nation is only a brief flight away from India, and it contains tourist attractions for any sort of traveler. The Vietnam visa is the single most important paper required to visit this lovely nation and enjoy its trekking ranges, tropical beaches, and vibrant downtown scene. 

Indian travelers have become more receptive to visiting this location, and you may now find hikers, solitary travelers, companions, vacationing partners, and big families with kids visiting Vietnam. However, when you arrange your Vietnam holiday, you must first obtain your Vietnam visa online and prepare the essential paperwork.

Types of Vietnam Visas

Prior to actually applying for a Vietnam eVisa online, you should be informed of the different eVisas available. Either of these visas is pre-approved and digitally issued, and is classified as an eVisa on entry. 

Tourist visa: This type of visa is provided to foreign citizens visiting Vietnam only for the goal of leisure and not for business. A Vietnam tourist visa is then classified into many types based on its duration and frequency of entry.

  • Single-entry visa for one month
  • A one-month multiple-entry visa
  • A three-month single-entry visa
  • Three-month multiple-entry visa

Business Visa: The second-most common form of visa visiting Vietnam is a business visa. The easiest to obtain is a business eVisa, which is similar to a tourist eVisa in that it is issued digitally, may be sought for via an agency, and is a single-entry visa with a 30-day stay. And, when you reach the airport with your business eVisa, all of your paperwork already is completed. However, there are two more business visas that may only be obtained through the consulate procedure.

  • DN1 visa
  • DN2 Visa

Documents Required for Vietnam Tourist Visa Application

Papers necessary to obtain a tourist or even business eVisa to Vietnam

In sequence for the OTA to execute your permission letter, you must provide the following documents:

  • Both the front and back covers of your passport, and your passport must be valid for at minimum 6 months beyond your trip to Vietnam.
  • A passport-size photo shot on a white backdrop, minus eyeglasses, if you have them.
  • Hotel bookings vouchers validating your stay in Vietnam.
  • Confirmation of return flights (Air tickets) detailing your trip from India to Vietnam and back, as well as the dates and ports of entrance and exit.
  • A genuine email address for help.
  • A copy of the eVisa letter. It is not required to produce in color.

Vietnam Visa Fee for Indians

Both e-Visa and visa on arrival seekers traveling to Vietnam must pay a charge. Nevertheless, the charge differs based on the submission procedure you select. 

Apply for an e-Visa and pick up your visa at the airport (valid for 30 days) – Online Process – Pay Rs. 1200 for an e-Visa and receive a visa document, plus Rs. 1800. The airport charges a stamp fee.

Apply for a visa at the Embassy (30-day validity) (through VFS global) – Rs. 4400 for a single entry tourist visa if processed offline.

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