UK And USA Visa From India


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Current Situation of Visa Applications

The United Kingdom and the United States of America are two of the most sought-after academic sites for Indian students as well as for tourists, both governments have stated that they are operating tirelessly to resolve the large queue of visa requests.

To meet the increased visa demands after the COVID-19 Lockdowns, the United States has deployed 5 extra visa officials to their embassy in Mumbai.

As stated on the US Department of State Travel portal, the typical waiting period for a US visitor visa is 500 days.

United Kingdom Visa 

In the United Kingdom, the processing period for a visiting visa is more than 2 months. This is owing to the current escalated Russia-Ukraine situation, congestion from the Covid-19 lockdowns, and a rise in the hold time for a simple visiting visa from 3 weeks to nearly 3 months.

About 118,000 Indian pupils will be granted a UK study visa in June 2022. Ellis, UK High Commissioner, stated in August ’22 that Priority and Super Priority visas were now accessible for Indian students.

For INR 46,000, applicants may obtain a Priority visa to the United Kingdom. The Super Priority visa costs the applicant more than INR 73,000 and may be obtained via the UK government site. This also applies to visiting visas, in which the applicants can obtain their visa within 3 weeks of applying.

Necessary list of Documents for UK Visa

  1. Request document for a UK visa
  2. There are two photos.
  3. A current passport
  4. Financial statements over the previous 6 months
  5. Lodging information
  6. Travel purpose declaration
  7. Test reports for tuberculosis
  8. Biometric results
  9. Acceptance letter for a UK visa Birth certificate (for minors)

United States of America Visa

US Government has initiated “Dropbox Appointment” Starting June 20, 2022, candidates having an interview exemption appointment can now opt to send over their papers at any visa office or document processing site, irrespective of where the dropbox appointment is arranged.

The officials state that the backlogs of pending Visa applications may be cleared off on priority in the coming few months.

Necessary list of Documents for UK Visa

  1. A DS-160 non-immigrant petition document.
  2. a single photograph
  3. Receipts of payments made for a non-immigrant US visa
  4. Information about social networks.
  5. Acceptance letter for a visa to the United States
  6. Salary slips or a financial record 
  7. Declaration of support
  8. Genuine property ownership documentation
  9. Form 1-20/DS-2019, Certificate of Qualification for Non-Immigrant (F-1/J-1) Student Status

Applicants must preferably check the UK and US embassies’ Twitter and official portals because this is where authorities usually publish their most current notifications about visa request developments.

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