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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Liquid funds

What Is Liquid Fund – Liquid Fund Returns

Everything About Liquid Funds Liquid funds are mutual funds that engage in securities that have a latent expiration of up to 91 days. Because liquid...

Best Mutual Funds To Invest 2022 – Top Performing Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund In India The first step in any financial journey is to understand how mutual funds function. A mutual fund is a type of...

Types Of Mutual Funds In India – Mutual Funds Schemes

What Are The Different Types of Mutual Funds  Based on the Asset class Mutual funds may be classified into following categories or type: Equity Funds Equity funds...

Best Short-Term Investment Options Available In India

Best Low Risk Available Investment Option In India Short-term investment plans are highly liquid investment options wherein the investors can invest for long/short duration usually...

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