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India’s Population

According to World statistics elaboration of the most recent data, India’s total population is 1,407,088,008 as of Sunday, July 3, 2022. According to the data, India accounts for over 17.85 percent of the entire planet’s populace and this translates to one in every 6 individuals on the earth.

While China has held the title of the world’s most populated country for generations, India is on track to overtake China by 2030. With a 1.2 percent population growth, India is expected to reach even more than 1.53 billion people over the course of the next 8 years.

Even so, India’s populace is not evenly distributed throughout all states and areas. Some states are significantly more populated than others and mostly this is due to the abundance of prospects in the particular state in terms of profession or commercial perspective. Alternatively, harsh climate patterns may make it impossible for many people to live in a certain place and choose others. Whichever the reason, this is a noticeable discrepancy in the demography of states across India.

Few facts regarding India’s Population

  •         Over half of India’s present inhabitants are under the age of 25, and more than 65 percent are under the age of 35.
  •         Around 72.2 percent of the people reside in around 638,000 rural communities, with the remaining 27.8 percent living in approximately 5,480 cities and urban settlements.
  •         The birth rate (number of children born per 1,000 persons annually) is 22.22 births per 1,000 population (as of 2009).
  •         The mortality rate (number of deaths per 1000 people per year) is 6.4 deaths per 1,000 individuals. (NFHS-3, 2008)
  •         The birthrate is 2.72 babies born per female, while the neonatal death ratio is 30.15 deaths per 1,000 babies.

All State Population List

Here is a list of states with their population distribution in the country.

State Population Area Population Density
Uttar Pradesh 19,98,12,341 240,928 km2 828/km2
Maharashtra 11,23,72,972 307,713 km2 365/km2
Bihar 10,38,04,637 94,163 km2 1,102/km2
West Bengal 9,13,47,736 88,752 km2 1,029/km2
Madhya Pradesh 7,25,97,565 308,245 km2 236/km2
Tamil Nadu 7,21,38,958 130,058 km2 555/km2
Rajasthan 6,86,21,012 342,239 km2 201/km2
Karnataka 6,11,30,704 191,791 km2 319/km2
Gujarat 6,03,83,628 196,024 km2 308/km2
Andhra Pradesh 4,93,86,799 162,968 km2 303/km2
Odisha 4,19,47,358 155,707 km2 269/km2
Telangana 3,52,86,757 114,840 km2 307/km2
Kerala 3,33,87,677 38,863 km2 859/km2
Jharkhand 3,29,66,238 79,714 km2 414/km2
Assam 3,11,69,272 78,438 km2 397/km2
Punjab 2,77,04,236 50,362 km2 550/km2
Chhattisgarh 2,55,40,196 135,191 km2 189/km2
Haryana 2,53,53,081 44,212 km2 573/km2
Jammu and Kashmir 1,25,48,926 222,236 km2 57/km2
Uttarakhand 1,01,16,752 53,483 km2 189/km2
Himachal Pradesh 68,64,602 55,673 km2 123/km2
Tripura 36,71,032 10,486 km2 350/km2
Meghalaya 29,64,007 22,429 km2 132/km2
Manipur 27,21,756 22,327 km2 122/km2
Nagaland 19,80,602 16,579 km2 119/km2
Goa 14,57,723 3,702 km2 394/km2
Arunachal Pradesh 13,82,611    
Mizoram 10,91,014 21,081 km2 52/km2
Sikkim 6,07,688 7,096 km2 86/km2

Population Census of India

The most recent demographic numbers of the populace are supported by data provided by India’s 2011 census. The population count or the first official census in India was conducted in 1872. Following the attainment of independence in 1947, a census has been held after every ten years, with the first taking place in 1951. 

The census in the country is performed by the Department of Internal Affairs and carried out by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, and it is one of the greatest administrative duties ever out by a national government.

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