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With 810 million members on LinkedIn worldwide, it is clear that getting a LinkedIn account is vital for your organization or yourself as an individual to increase your accessibility. Nevertheless, merely creating an account will not suffice! You must keep it up to current, create relationships, and promote yourself as a trustworthy name. If you have an up-to-date profile, include the LinkedIn profile link or URL in your CV for better visibility among job creators.

So, how can you obtain a LinkedIn profile link?

Linkedin Profile Link

It is an URL to the profile page of your LinkedIn account that you may share with others to establish professional connections. Using your profile link, you may communicate with firms and employers and recruit individuals while also providing people with further information about yourself.

Linkedin Profile Link through Browser

To obtain your Linkedin profile URL, open your internet browser and open the LinkedIn website, log in to your account, and then proceed as follows:

    • Click the Me tab located on the top pane of the LinkedIn site.
    • Select View Profile from the drop-down option.
    • There is an Edit Public Profile & URL tab on the right corner side, click and proceed.
  • Find your Public Profile URL in the right pane underneath the heading Edit URL, which should read similar to this-…………….
  • If necessary, save this URL and send it to your contacts.

Each device, whether PC, laptop, or smartphone, has built-in copy features.

Let’s go through how to copy the URL:

  • Navigate to the LinkedIn profile through the PC screen or mobile application.
  • Just copy the link from the URL section at the top of the page on the screen.
  • The procedure is slightly unique on the smartphone app. To begin, select the 3 dots next to the “Add Section” icon.
  • Next, select the “Share profile through” option. You can copy the LinkedIn profile link from here.

Customizing LinkedIn Profile URL

A visible default LinkedIn URL is fairly lengthy and contains a lot of digits as well as other letters. This may not appear user-friendly and can’t be readily shared or included in a portfolio. So, in order to network with individuals fast and efficiently, you must utilize a Linkedin customized URL.

Launch your internet search engine and navigate to to update the LinkedIn profile link/ URL. 

Sign in to the LinkedIn account and perform the actions below:

Visit your LinkedIn account by clicking the Me symbol at the top of the LinkedIn site.

On the right pane, select Edit Public Profile & URL option.

In the right pane, below Edit Your Custom URL, select the Edit option beside the public profile URL.

It will be something like

In the text box given, customize the last section of your customizable URL.

Select the Save option.

This is how simple the process of getting your LinkedIn profile link is, with the customization process you can choose to share a unique and custom LinkedIn profile with all your contacts and make yourself stand out.

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