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Gold Price In Kota – Things Remember Before Buying Gold

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Things to Remember Before Buying Gold Jewelry in Kota

Before buying or “investing” in gold, the most preferred form is in jewellery. Given its popularity there are knock offs available in the market, as such you would be better off looking out for this pointers so as to buy and own the best gold jewelleries.

Weight of Gold

Gold jewellery is often combined with other gems and stones for a different design uniqueness, but that may affect the weight of the jewellery itself, hence always check the weight of gold individually for future insurance.

Purity Of Gold

A 24-carat gold is 99.99% pure and the purity starts to decrease below 24 carat, as such always know about the purity of your gold jewellery to assess its future value.

Hallmark Gold

A hallmark is a guarantee of the price, purity and quality of the gold jewellery. A hallmark jewellery is ensured that the investment is a safe one.


The price of the gold jewellery is dependent on several factors including its purity, the alloys and other stones that are combined, and also the labour charge. The labour charge is something that is totally based on the intrinsic design. Always be aware of the rate of gold, to assess the labour charge that is being indicated.

Gold Buy Back

Most good jewellery stores in India offer buy back offers; this is a great option to have for the quality of the jewellery as well as the option to have the jewellery exchanged in future if you feel so.

Understanding Impurities in Gold

Pure gold has value and by this, we mean to a level that, globally a countries solvency is based on its pure gold reserves. One of the advantages of Gold is that it is non corrosive and even combining it with other elements present in the nature does not change its own composition one bit. Zinc, copper, silver, and iron are among the impurities found in gold extracted by amalgamation or cyanidation.

However, impurities do affect the value or price of the physical gold. Anything that reduces the karat weight or millesimal fineness of a gold specimen is referred as an impurity. Nevertheless, sometimes impurities are added in the form other metals to enhance the quality of the gold itself, or may be increase its other properties. Adding impurities however, does consider that the value of the pure gold in the composition will only be considered as opposed to the total weight of the composition.

Impurities are induced in gold with metals such as iron, lead, silver, palladium, zinc, copper nickel etc. The combination of these element result in different properties including colour changes and increased amount of strength and hardness of the composition.

Hallmarked 916 Karat Gold  in Kota

Hallmark in gold is the certification for its authencity, for its purity and which has been verified as being of high grade. The Indian gold standard certifying institution is known as BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) which is responsible in assigning the hallmark for gold standards. Hallmarked gold is the ultimate guarantee, which assures the buyer of the quality of the gold, its weight and the percentage of gold in the composition. 

Being hallmarked assures that the quality of the gold is as stated by the vendor and that buyers are not misled when purchasing or reselling things. The BIS assesses and declares if a certain gold piece meets international purity criteria. The gold is examined in one of the 330 BIS assaying centres located around the country.

A hallmarked 916 Karat gold is the verified purity of the gold jewel which has 91.6% pure gold in it along with the alloy. They are also known as 22-carat gold as the second purest form of gold available, but as opposed to the 24-carat gold a 916 hallmark gold is preferred for jewellery because of its physical properties which is much more harder and stronger than the 24-carat gold.

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